Saturday, 16 June 2012

Friend Owl Sewing Caddy

I'm Planning a series of new Crafty Makes, to include this fun Owl, Sewing Caddy!

Coming Soon!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What a week!

Well, we have been busy!

Cornwall Open Studios

Last week was our Open Studio Week, thank you thank you everyone who fought the wind and rain to visit us! It was a great excuse to tidy up my workshop! (although I must admit it ended up being the show end that was tidy, my working end was piled high with boxes and packaging)

Here is a little Gallery of my Studio all set up!


Flushing Art Week

We also attended Flushing Art Week again which is always good fun!
We were in the Hall supervising for an evening an saw some lovely pieces of Local work

Art Prints

I took the plunge and got some professional Giclee prints of my acrylic paintings. They are so vibrant and look just like they're painted, I was so thrilled! I will add them to my Website soon for you all to admire!

The Lander Gallery

Preparation for my Summer exhibition has started at the Lander Gallery in Truro which starts next week! Beach Huts and all things Sunny! Do pop down and grab some Heart of Britain Goodies which are on display. The new Beach Hut & British Celebration Totes are there too along with some Sunny Seagull Aprons.

The Big Bunting Competition

Thank you so much everyone who took part in the Big Bunting Competition! Below is a little Album of entries, they all look amazing! Judging will take place on Wednesday!

Jubilee China!

There are several pieces available. Here are some photos of the Limited Edition. The mug is an edition of 60 to be painted! There are also Limited Edition Sweet Jars,60 , Hearts, 50, Trinket Boxes, 60 and Jugs, 60

Large Trinket £18
Small Trinket £15
Mug £15
Heart £12
Jug £20
Sweet Jar £30

To order yours email me at    Have fun!

Phew! I told you I've been Busy! Thank you for visiting and see you again soon!