Friday, 8 June 2018

The BIG raffle! 

What's it all about? BUY A TICKET HERE only £1 each

I need a new workshop! (Sadly I've had to move out of the one I'm renting).
There are positives to this!
I'm disabled and my mobility is getting worse and it was always quite a long and muddy walk to my old workshop.The intended place for my new workshop, if we can raise enough, is only a two metre level walk from my back door! Whoop whoop! I also had no internet or running water at my old workshop so I'll be close to the kettle and be able to chat to you all whenever you fancy it! As I'm not renting I will be able to decorate it in bright colours, yippiieee!
These are all positives for me, but for you there's the chance of winning some awesome goodies for only a small donation, huzzah! And you'll get to see and purchase all the exciting goodies I have in store for the future!
I feel a bit weird fundraising for myself, but it would really enable me to continue with the work I love and enjoy.
There's only 1000 tickets for sale and 26 prizes so even if you buy just 1 there's a 1:38.5 chance of winning! whoop whoop!
The prize draw will take place when all 1000 tickets have been sold or by September 20th 2018 at 9pm (this may be extended if longer is needed to raise a reasonable amount).
The winners will be announced on all my social media accounts. I'll try to do my first live video for the draw! Please email if you would like to be emailed if you win. Thank you x
Meadow flowers breakfast set for two (worth £190) plus free UK or worldwide postage direct to the winner
4-8 cup teapot (worth £50)
2 Straight teacups and saucers (worth £36)
Half pint milk jug (worth £18)
1 pint cereal milk jug (worth £22)
Sugar/jam bowl (worth £18)
Butter dish (worth £28)
4 Slice toast rack (worth £18)
Magic Mushrooms 3 tier cake stand (worth £65)
A Vintage Pimp display plate (worth £15)
Design picked at random, but if you have a favourite in mind, I'll see if it's in stock!
The new Merryweather badge pack (worth £4.95) plus free postage.
Terms and conditions
Items are hand painted so may vary slightly from picture shown. The organisers decision is final. Postage to the winners address only. No cash alternative. Prizes can not be returned. Worldwide entries welcome

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Competition Time

No cash alternative, judges decision is final
Have fun!
Closing date of entries September 1st 2013

Monday, 4 February 2013

Workshop at the ready!

Well it's been a loooonnnnnngggg day, I can barely keep my eyes open!

The workshop has been re-organised and we are much more organised!

I have three packing stations now!

1)  For gift wrap and first layer of Bubbles! - An old 60's sideboard I call the twin unit because the knobs on the drawers look like eyes and the handles on the cupboards look like mouths

2)  For box construction and filling - an old enamel table from the 50s we were given

3)  For labeling, documents and sealing  - the dresser, It's also home to tapes, cards, ribbons and anything else that might come in handy!

Then the parcels go onto my hostess trolley until we go to the post office!

This is Matt (hubby and general helper!) at Station 3, he's busy stringing 4000 gift tags, and he's still smiling!

Here's Phil
My sister Karen made him out of newspaper, I just love him! I'm hoping she'll make some more for my exhibition at the Poly later in the year

Boxes, Bubbles and more boxes!
The Green cupboard in the corner stores all the gift boxes and packaging that needs extra protection!

Some of my finished stock that's to be listed online and more white china!

 Cd player, glue, washing up liquid! all the essentials
Although I've just noticed from the photo, someones had my can of emergency beans!

You can see me in the door too!

Tools of the trade!

Tower of china!

Heat press, badge components! 

I wanted to put some nice tablecloths on but I just ran out of time! I might make some curtains for under the tables though to protect the stock 

Stock shelves! 
To the right is a mini corner of art by my children, to keep them entertained whilst I'm working I get them to design something for the "wall of fame" 

The sequin piece at the top is by my niece and there's a green witches hand with spiky nails that Eleanor drew when she was 3, we went through a wizard of Oz phase and then it all got too scary! 

The little pine unit has a toy basket and a food shelf stuffed with biscuit tins and sweets (won't last long I'm sure!) I might have stolen one of my Beach Hut Tea towels too!

When I first planned the workshop it had funky wallpaper, a huge mood board that could be ever changing, pigeon wall lights, a sofa, coffee table, maybe a log burner, fluffy rugs and bean bags, glass cupboards full of reality it's whatever you can get hold of that does the job!

I'll pocket those dreams for the next re-fit! Hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been up too! It's been fun!

Do let me know what you think? 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Where did January go?

How fast did January go!?

What have I been up to......................................

Creating Birds 

Sketches to work out the colours
This was harder than I thought and I discovered patterns on the birds that I'd never noticed before

 The finished Blue tit

 Green finch

 Song thrush

They are packed in little gift boxes filled with nesting and will be added to the website for late spring

New Camera

My lovely new camera has given me some lovely lifestyle shots which I hope to slowly update on my website

The new Sheep design

I've been creating further pieces for my Sheep collection, my favourite piece is the butter dish, it's so practical and you can use them to store olives and grapes, I have 4 now.

Booking shows and Exhibitions

For February we've booked the Made with love fair at Exeter Castle 

Easter shows include one at Gweek, Cornwall

Following my success at Christmas, I have booked the Poly in Falmouth again. We are there in October and December this year, just need to think of a title for my exhibition now!

We are also doing our first ever trade fair right up in Yorkshire!

We have also been accepted at the Country Living Fair in London at Christmas! 

For further updates and details of fairs please visit my website

New Catalogue

I've wanted to do a mail order brochure for years and I've finally allocated the time to spend on it! I'm creating it on which is proving to be a nightmare, a graphic designer and computer whiz, I am not!
We are compiling a list of people who would like a copy when it arrives (should be April ) so do email me at to get your copy reserved!

Galleries and Shops

Great news was that the shop in LA I stocked at Christmas did really well and will be ordering again soon, I was so thrilled as they don't normally do well with their pottery lines, but now only have a few of my pieces left! Hurrah!

If you know anyone who might be interested in stocking my range do let me know, we are always looking to expand my outlets.


Undergoing a huge re-fit in the workshop, and I'm hoping to host an open studio again this year, I'll share some fab photos soon!

Thank you so much for visiting, and for those of you that enjoyed the history lesson, I thought I continue that through the year. I've discovered an old archive of designs which could be interesting?

Monday, 14 January 2013

A little Laura Lee History!

Group Graze - Raddle

My sheep design was first created in 2001
I was 21, living in a little Gate House, with my partner and our baby daughter, Amber
Gate House sounds really posh, it was in fact a pre-fab. bungalow built in the 60's. 
The main house was being re-developed by our landlord, so our nearest neighbour was nearly a mile away

We lived in Dorset surrounded by countryside near Hambledon Hill (for those of you who know the area?)  

Many of my early pieces were inspired by the countryside, animals and farms surrounding our home.
I remember the old farmer who used to visit me on his rounds, to see if I needed any manure for the rose bed, he had such a thick accent that it was only on his third or fourth visit that I actually worked out what he was talking about!

Back then the design looked like this

The design was called 
Group Graze

Painted free-hand, no two sheep are ever the same! 
My customers loved the idea of naming them or counting them!

In 2012 the Green sheep design retired to make way for new designs
I created a few brown sheep pieces which were very popular but I missed the vibrant colours that I am used to in my work

At the end of 2012 I created "Raddle" a Colourful version of my sheep design!

Introduced as a mug in December 2012 I am looking forward to adding tea set pieces and to growing the collection!

That's it history lesson over for today!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me and my work

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy New Year!

A belated Happy New Year!

We've been VERY busy getting our sale stock and pictures together!

It's our biggest sale yet, with lots of Bargains to grab!

The preview album is now available to view on my Facebook Page here 
There are lots of Facebook exclusive offers here, but set an alarm as there is usually a rush!

you can shop til you drop at from 9pm on January 10th
with lots of website exclusive offers it's the perfect time to plan your springtime home!

Below are some of the treats in the sale!


Thanks for visiting! Have fun at the sale!