Sunday, 3 February 2013

Where did January go?

How fast did January go!?

What have I been up to......................................

Creating Birds 

Sketches to work out the colours
This was harder than I thought and I discovered patterns on the birds that I'd never noticed before

 The finished Blue tit

 Green finch

 Song thrush

They are packed in little gift boxes filled with nesting and will be added to the website for late spring

New Camera

My lovely new camera has given me some lovely lifestyle shots which I hope to slowly update on my website

The new Sheep design

I've been creating further pieces for my Sheep collection, my favourite piece is the butter dish, it's so practical and you can use them to store olives and grapes, I have 4 now.

Booking shows and Exhibitions

For February we've booked the Made with love fair at Exeter Castle 

Easter shows include one at Gweek, Cornwall

Following my success at Christmas, I have booked the Poly in Falmouth again. We are there in October and December this year, just need to think of a title for my exhibition now!

We are also doing our first ever trade fair right up in Yorkshire!

We have also been accepted at the Country Living Fair in London at Christmas! 

For further updates and details of fairs please visit my website

New Catalogue

I've wanted to do a mail order brochure for years and I've finally allocated the time to spend on it! I'm creating it on which is proving to be a nightmare, a graphic designer and computer whiz, I am not!
We are compiling a list of people who would like a copy when it arrives (should be April ) so do email me at to get your copy reserved!

Galleries and Shops

Great news was that the shop in LA I stocked at Christmas did really well and will be ordering again soon, I was so thrilled as they don't normally do well with their pottery lines, but now only have a few of my pieces left! Hurrah!

If you know anyone who might be interested in stocking my range do let me know, we are always looking to expand my outlets.


Undergoing a huge re-fit in the workshop, and I'm hoping to host an open studio again this year, I'll share some fab photos soon!

Thank you so much for visiting, and for those of you that enjoyed the history lesson, I thought I continue that through the year. I've discovered an old archive of designs which could be interesting?

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