Thursday, 13 December 2012

Competition results!

 Thank you so much everyone for your lovely Robins! After lots of judging and careful thought here are the winners!

If you are a winner, please email me at with your address and whether you'd like a paper voucher or an e voucher to spend :0) Well done!

                     The winner of the 1st Prize for the over 15's, a £25 Laura Lee Designs Gift Voucher to spend at is

Molly Schaffer Over 15's

The winner of the 2nd Prize for the over 15's, a Seagull Apron (child or adult size) is 

Rebbecca Beesley, over 15's

4 Runners up for the over 15's a £5 Gift Voucher to spend at are 

Eann Tan  Over 15's
Jacki Hamer Over 15's
Tricia Clark Over 15's

Charlotte Batkins
Over 15s group

The winner of the 1st Prize for the under 15's, a £25 Laura Lee Designs Gift Voucher to spend at is

Ridley swain, under 2 years

The winner of the 2nd Prize for the over 15's, a Seagull Apron (child or adult size) is 

4 Runners up for the over 15's a £5 Gift Voucher to spend at are 

Millie Under 15's

Emily Prentice, 2 3/4 years

Daniel Beesley, 6 years

Josh Beesley, 8 years

And the winner of the Beach Hut Tea Towel is.....

Shelley Jessup

Please message me your address :0)

There are lots of Goodies in stock and ready to ship in time for Christmas, I am putting them in a album on Facebook and updating them on my website too, thanks for visiting :0)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The colouring competition and prize draw for the Tea towel has been extended until Wednesday 5th, so get busy.

There is also an advent Calender running on Facebook.

I will do the draw towards the end of the week, hopefully

Soooo much going on getting ready for my Exhibition, which starts at the Poly in Falmouth Next Tuesday!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

So much to get ready! Tis the season to be busy! I have been getting lots of gift hampers ready for my Christmas shows. I have so many orders that I've decided just to do three shows this Christmas

Treriefe House Nov 23, 24, 25th
Fowey  Dec 1st, 2nd
Find your Happy Exhibition at the Poly Falmouth 4th-10th December

If you would like further details of these events visit 

My new button rack ready for Treriefe House Fair this weekend!

I could do with two of these really, one for the Alphabet Buttons and one for other designs :0)

I've kept a Holly 2012 one for my red bobble hat!

I was so pleased with the packaging, I stuffed a headband into my scanner to get the knitting background 

More lovely Christmas Hearts and baubles on their way. 
I love that you could hang these on the tree as an afternoon treat
Personalised Hearts and Baubles £15 each 

Here is the Limited Edition Holly Button £4.95 each

The Laura Lee Advent Calender starts on the 1st December Here and on Facebook!

Colouring Competition and Prize Draw - See Post Below!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Laura Lee Designs Christmas Colouring Competition! 

Simply Print and colour me in! 

The Rules! 

Entries must be received by Midnight December 1st 

Entries will be displayed here, and the winner announced, on my blog, on my website and on my Facebook Page

Please scan or photograph your entry and email it to me

Please save your picture as your name and the section you are entering

You can email me for an easy print version at

There are two entry sections 

Under 15's and 15 years and Over

Please make your email subject one of the following:

Colouring competition 15 and Over
Colouring Competition Under 15's

Please include your Name and address with your entry

1st Prize for Each Section is a £25 Laura Lee Designs Gift Voucher to spend at 

2nd Prize for Each Section is a Seagull Apron (child or adult size)

4 Runners up from each section will receive a £5 Gift Voucher to spend at
No cash alternatives

Judges decision is final

Prize Draw for Beach Hut Tea towel Here!

Simply follow and comment below on my blog and one lucky cheese will be picked at random on the 1st December :0) 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Long time no see.....

Well....sorry about the break! Soooo much has happened!

I'm in lots of lovely magazines! which is just wonderful. I keep flicking through them and going "oh there I am", closing it again and flicking back through again, I don't think I'll ever get bored! Simple pleasures eh!?

Here's a few!


Glory Stories

I have so much to write in my Glory Stories book* now 
so I treated myself to custom made book 
from the lovely Lilipopo  

* my Glory Story Book is a note book of breakthroughs and triumphs that can then be looked over when I'm feeling blue :0)

I have a new stockist this month 

It's a sweet little gallery and stocks my full Beach Huts and Retro Flowers Unite Range and it looks fab!
Do visit their facebook page and give them a like (click the link above)

My Christmas Exhibition

A Massive 30% off Laura Lee Designs at Pets Pyjamas but hurry it ends soon!

Thanks for visiting my blog again hope to see you again soon :0) 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to School Blues

I always feel the need to apologise at this time of year I have to advertise my Christmas pieces, but not in the ludicrous supermarket way (where they have everything on the shelves in September!) but because I have to build in time to paint it all :0)

(and you do all keep asking about baubles ;0)

So my apologies for those of you adoring your swimwear and clinging to the last of Summers Rays (mainly me ;0) Still at least you know it's all sorted and can relax and enjoy the rest of the Season!

Just in case you were feeling blue about Autumn coming, there's always......

Raking up all the leaves in the garden and then diving into the heap and throwing them everywhere!


Splashing in puddles, if anyone's looking simply say "I couldn't resist" (chances are they wanted to, but were holding back ;0)

Getting the "Winter Clothing" down from the loft and going "ohhh I forgot I had that one....." etc.

For me the end of the Summer symbolises the end of 13 years of having pre-schoolers at home :0( There were tears at the nursery and I bound to blub at the school. I shall have to seek out the positives! Splashing in puddles and throwing leaves AFTER school! There I feel much better now :0)

This is Eleanor (4) and Quentin (9) Trying on their new uniform. I spent the whole day yesterday Taking up the hem on his new trousers only to then have him say "they're a bit lose on the waist too" arraggghhh! I could have just brought a smaller size! Oh well ;0) Oh and don't panic I will be sending him in socks and they'll both have shoes too (hopefully, nothing like shopping for shoes they day before school!, for three Children!, should be fun)

Can't wait to see all your lovely back to school photos :0)

The new Christmas Section! as promised! Enjoy! 

Friday, 3 August 2012

So excited!

I have just finalised the dates for my Christmas Exhibition at the The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic So so excited! Here is some information about the Exhibition

Laura Lee
4 - 10 December, Spring Gallery 10am-5pm Closed Sunday

An Exhibition of Colour and Joy by Cornwall Based Artist Laura Lee

Laura is a self-taught Artist with a passion for vibrant colours.  She produces a range of fun and functional kitchenware, china and gifts for the home. Her Quirky designs are hand painted onto English Bone China and Canvases.  Her work is inspired by her childhood growing up in rural Dorset and life with her Husband and three Children here in Cornwall. “There is never a quiet or dull moment in our house it’s full of colour, eclectic displays, vintage dressing up clothes and music which are all of constant inspiration!”  Her ranges include subjects such as Animals, Pirates, Beach Huts, Seagulls, Flowers, Strawberries and even Woodlice! 

For further information about the Gallery and directions please visit their website The Poly

Lots to organise! I will keep you posted on my progress! 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Human Snowglobe

Lots to show you!

Human Snow Globe? Two ENORMOUS bags of Eco chips arrive!

These are my new neighbours! They visit me often, they will be off to a new home soon, so I mustn't get attached! When they were hatching Matt telephoned me to let me know and I made a meeping sound to them over the phone and it meeped back from inside the egg, just too too cute!

More Mushrooms on their way to a new home!

 Pink and Purple Spots and Yellow Stars!
Personalised Money Cube

There are going to be lots of Happy Teachers out there this year!

Still cheerful even in the rain!

Party on! I love this Customer she's have a "sensible" woodlouse mug for work and 
this one for when she gets home!

Cupcakes Sweet Jar

It's been such a wonderful few weeks, I have discovered that I'm going to be in all these publications!

For My Home 19th June

 Scotland on Sunday 15th July

Sunday Express 29th July

Augusts Wiltshire Life (page 54!)

15th August Your Cat Magazine (September)

15th September Best Scottish Weddings

12th October Period Homes and Interiors

Thanks for visiting again and see you all soon!