Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to School Blues

I always feel the need to apologise at this time of year I have to advertise my Christmas pieces, but not in the ludicrous supermarket way (where they have everything on the shelves in September!) but because I have to build in time to paint it all :0)

(and you do all keep asking about baubles ;0)

So my apologies for those of you adoring your swimwear and clinging to the last of Summers Rays (mainly me ;0) Still at least you know it's all sorted and can relax and enjoy the rest of the Season!

Just in case you were feeling blue about Autumn coming, there's always......

Raking up all the leaves in the garden and then diving into the heap and throwing them everywhere!


Splashing in puddles, if anyone's looking simply say "I couldn't resist" (chances are they wanted to, but were holding back ;0)

Getting the "Winter Clothing" down from the loft and going "ohhh I forgot I had that one....." etc.

For me the end of the Summer symbolises the end of 13 years of having pre-schoolers at home :0( There were tears at the nursery and I bound to blub at the school. I shall have to seek out the positives! Splashing in puddles and throwing leaves AFTER school! There I feel much better now :0)

This is Eleanor (4) and Quentin (9) Trying on their new uniform. I spent the whole day yesterday Taking up the hem on his new trousers only to then have him say "they're a bit lose on the waist too" arraggghhh! I could have just brought a smaller size! Oh well ;0) Oh and don't panic I will be sending him in socks and they'll both have shoes too (hopefully, nothing like shopping for shoes they day before school!, for three Children!, should be fun)

Can't wait to see all your lovely back to school photos :0)

The new Christmas Section! as promised! Enjoy! 

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