Friday, 13 July 2012

Human Snowglobe

Lots to show you!

Human Snow Globe? Two ENORMOUS bags of Eco chips arrive!

These are my new neighbours! They visit me often, they will be off to a new home soon, so I mustn't get attached! When they were hatching Matt telephoned me to let me know and I made a meeping sound to them over the phone and it meeped back from inside the egg, just too too cute!

More Mushrooms on their way to a new home!

 Pink and Purple Spots and Yellow Stars!
Personalised Money Cube

There are going to be lots of Happy Teachers out there this year!

Still cheerful even in the rain!

Party on! I love this Customer she's have a "sensible" woodlouse mug for work and 
this one for when she gets home!

Cupcakes Sweet Jar

It's been such a wonderful few weeks, I have discovered that I'm going to be in all these publications!

For My Home 19th June

 Scotland on Sunday 15th July

Sunday Express 29th July

Augusts Wiltshire Life (page 54!)

15th August Your Cat Magazine (September)

15th September Best Scottish Weddings

12th October Period Homes and Interiors

Thanks for visiting again and see you all soon!