Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Oh to be in England!

A day off!

"If we didn't get laughter lines how would anyone know that we've been having fun?!"
me, Laura Lee 9/08/2011 at Trevarno Gardens!

We went to Trevarno Gardens Yesterday and it was stunning! Here are a few of the shots I got!

Eleanor and her Cousin (my niece) Felicity. Both aged 3 years.

I've been busy again!

I finished my Sewing Companion!

 The New Bumblebee stationary packs!
10 Cards and 10 Envelopes

Badges and now available on my website!

New Bumble bee Greetings card! In the Summer Sale for £1.75 each until August 31st!

Happy Happy Birthday Dalmation Card

Keyrings now available on my website at

New Party Bag Kits!
Great for wedding favours, parties and stockings!

Mini Smelly Jellies Filled with Cornish Lavender!
£2.95 each at

Well that's it for now! See you again soon!

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