Friday, 29 July 2011

Folksy Friday, Toads and Door Stops!

Look who wondered into the Kitchen last night!

Cat Door Stops
I spent a lot of the day creating new Cat door Stops they are a mix of felt and vintage fabric. I shall Stuff them  with sand and fluff later and sew their bottoms on!

Eleanor thought it was giant Fuzzy Felt! She was very excited!

Folksy Friday!
I have gone with a cushion theme this Friday! Enjoy!
(apart from this teapot below I just had to include him!)
Cushion by Ribbonreel
Lavender Cushion by Sew realicoul
Lavender Pin Cushion by Pants and Paper
Knitted Pin Cushions with pins by Laura Lee Designs

Thanks for visiting have a great weekend! 
The Blog will now be weekly on a Friday Evening, see you then!


  1. Ellie Teapot is made from white linen that has been painted,potato printed,sanded,coffee dyed repainted and then finished with mother of pearl boot button eyes and a papier mache knob on the lid - he was sooo much fun to make.My husband thinks he's 'ace' although he didn't realise that Teapot was fabric - he thought he was made of clay !I think I might make a Teapot cushion nextt!Thanks Laura for putting me on your blog.
    Flossie Limejuice xx (Shelagh).

  2. Thanks for picking my upcycled tea towel cushion cover! You see a lot of Union Jack ones about now but I like this more because it has a bit of history to it. I was three when it was first made! I'm an Eleanor too - good name. xx


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