Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

What a busy day!

Stuffed and ready to go my new knitted cushion! 
Empty they make amusing hats and Mum and I had great fun modeling them all around the sewing room!

I have added a couple of felt butterfly flowers so far and I will add some more buttons and bits later
I will keep you updated!

Crocheted flowers ready and waiting!

A finished Garland

Goodies in my work Basket ready for another day

I've just worked out what's been wrong with my cat all day. He has Been wistfully hanging around me all day long and it's because of my basket of ribbons! He just adores ribbons! Poor thing I just couldn't work it out.
My Husband has just tucked a long bit of Bias binding in his trousers in the attempt to multitask and the cat has embedded his claws and teeth into his leg by accident! 
Mustn't laugh.......Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

See you tomorrow :0)

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