Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wild Wednesday!

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My new brooch. Knitted and Felted. Finished with a locking Pin.

Finished my Daisy Chain order today commissioned in purple!

I also managed to finish these wet-felted bay charms! Love the vibrant colours. 
I add them to my embroidered bags (you can spot them in the corner of this photo)

This is one corner of my shop. Taken whilst we were setting up! The Felt Bags are right in the corner.

The Grey shelf is full of all my sale goodies!

The painting above was a bit of fun. I used to paint bright acrylics and water-colour flowers alongside my china range and this is something I've got back into this year. I have painted three more for the collection but I haven't added them to the gallery yet.

Well that's it for today really. Has anyone noticed the blackberries are out!? How exciting! Off to go and sew bits on my cushion and read stories to small people :0) See you tomorrow!


  1. Wonderfully colorful work!! Lovely!


  2. Beautiful creations, love the colours. Linda

  3. Beautiful work, and thanks so much for including me in your latest treasury!! I tweeted and shared on FB already!

  4. I like your new knited and felted brooch!
    Thanks so much for including my earrings in your latest treasury!

  5. Love the charms! Thanks for including me in your treasury.


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