Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wednesday & More about my Gallery!

Attempting to work at home with the kids. Summer Madness seems to have spread and they are very hyper! I think it's the paddling pools fault, they must be water-powered!

I have just ordered some note cards with my lovely Bumblebee on and these will be available to buy on my website soon

I am currently updating all the photos on my website. This is proving to be quite a challenge!
I also ordered some "this way" Signs and banners for my Summer Gallery Open Evenings. These start on 2nd August and will be running every Tuesday and Thursday 5.30-9pm until the end of August.

A trip down memory lane....
I found these photos of us setting up the shop. Somewhere on my computer I have some of us doing the painting and carpeting etc. I shall have to dig those out! But for now..

Pictures of the shop
(we were still setting up, all the shelves are brimming now!)
Postcards, Hair accessories, Personalised mugs and more!

Printed Organic clothing and bags!

For the girls!

The till area

Commission Corner! Birth plates, wedding gifts and personalisations

The creative Corner where you can make your own Badges, Magnets and Keyrings

The dresser!

Cupcakes and Ice creams

Easter window display

The Boat!

Setting up the shop!
What a mess!

The name mugs are loaded up
Oh look! You can make Easter Gifts over there!

The Hoover and some Christmas stock?
The Keyring stands and the Crate from free-cycle I painted

the new clothing stand
Lots of hangers- good old trago!

A welsh dresser makes an ideal counter!
The dresser filling up with retro flowers!

That's all for today must go and paint some more orders!
See you tomorrow

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